Dream Trigger 3D

By completing certain challenges in the game, you'll be granted stages, titles, and other features.
Get a High Score in every stage.
Play a game in VS Mode.
Obtain 50 Stars.
Big Bada Boom
Score 20,000 points in one Sonar Ping.
Blast Master
Place more than 1,500 Sonar Pings in one stage.
Boss Buster
Defeat all bosses.
Finish in a tie in VS Mode.
Childlike Dreamer
Clear 10 different stages without dying in World Map Mode.
Collect 500 Score Items.
Unlock 100 Challenges.
Keep a full music track going for 1 minute.
Delta Surfer
Collect 50 Dream Points in current stock.
Dream Disciple
Unlock 25 Challenges.
Dream Knight
Unlock 50 Challenges.
Dream Master
Complete all 55 stages on World Map Mode.
Dream Warrior
Clear a stage without collecting any HP items.
Complete 10 stages on World Map Mode.
Collect 100 HP Items.
Clear all 5 ranks of the Purity stages in a row.
Unlock another main route.
Flash Bang
Clear Time Attack Mode in under 60 seconds.
Clear a stage while collecting all HP items.
Clear a stage while collecting all Score items.
Hunter Gatherer
Collect 200 Dream Points in World Map Mode.
Complete 30 stages on World Map Mode.
Know The Ropes
View all four Demos.
Complete a Stand Alone stage.
Micro Boss
Defeat 10 Mini-Bosses.
Clear a stage without setting off a Sonar Ping.
Complete 20 stages on World Map Mode.
None Shall Pass
Complete every enemy in a stage.
Clear a stage without taking any damage.
Promise Maker
Unlock 10 Secret Challenges.
Clear 3 stages within 10 minutes on World Map Mode.
She Loves Me...
Collect every other Score item in a stage.
Speed Freak
Beat a Mini-Boss within 60 seconds.
Square Eyes
Draw a 5x5 square with Sonar.
Set off 10,000 Sonic Pings.
Take Five
Set off a Sonar Ping each measure for 5 measures.
Travel down 100 dream pathways.
Move 10 times before selecting a stage.
Score over 2,500,000 points in Free Play Mode.
Defeat 1,000 enemies.
What, Me Score?
Clear a stage without collecting any Score items.
You Are Winner
Win 10 games in VS Mode.

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